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Artist, singer, musician, composer, producer, arranger, actor, director and screenwriter.

Alex Sparrow was born in Russia, and raised in the family of Austrian Baron Alexis von Gecmen-Waldek.
The Winner of “X-factor”, “Dancing with the stars”, “Dancing and Skating with the Stars” and twice – Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as “Favorite Actor”.
Alex is biggest East European international rising star.

His music video “She’s Crazy But She’s Mine”) was written and directed by Alex and became viral all over the world, and collected more then 600 million views in Facebook, and over 300 million on YouTube.

His composer the score for the European co-produced film “The House of Others” – a multiple Award winning post-war drama that was a Georgian Oscars and Golden Globe entry in 2017 and got the most prestigious US Spotlight Award and Satellite Award .

Having over 30 Russian and European films under his belt, Alex starts to conquer the world starring in the new 3d and 4th season of popular American series UnREAL on Lifetime Channel.

Alex also shoots many music videos for other artists and directs TV commercials.


– Moscow Jazz College (graduated in 2008)
– Moscow Art Theater Studio School (MHAT)
– LA – Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop
– LA – Ivana Chubbuck Studio

MUSIC INSTRUMENTS: Professional piano and accordion player, Winner of numerous International Music Competitions
Also plays guitar, drums and trumpet

DANCE: all styles – Winner of Dancing with the stars

SINGING: all styles – professional singer, vocal contests winner

SPORTS: All kinds and professional stuntman
Professional Stunt training (Mosfilm studios)

LANGUAGE: English, Russian

COMPOSER: Multiple film scores and soundtracks, 3-times Best Score Award Winner


  • Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards 2014 -The Winner Favorite Russian Actor
  • Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards 2016 -The Winner Favorite Russian Actor
  • Golden Gramophone Award 2016 – for The Best Single
  • RU – TV Award 2016 – for The Best Music Video
  • Dancing & Skating With The Stars – The Winner of the show
  • X-FACTOR – The Winner of the show
  • WIPE OUT – Silver medal Winner
  • National Delphic Games of Art – The Winner (Gold medal)
  • Russian MTV Music Awards – «Discovery of the year Award»
  • The Russian Press Award – «Music and Cinema»
  • The voice of Homeland 2009 – Award Winner
  • The best of the best 2010 – Award Winner
  • The Silver ”Shoe” 2011 – Award Winner
  • FHM AWARD 2012 – TOP of the Month Award
  • Worldfashion TV Award 2012 – Best Actor Award Winner
  • BEST LEADING ACTOR – «Let’s smile,Russia!»Festival 2012, Film «The Suicidalists»
  • BEST ACTOR – Sweden, Film Festival 2012 KINORURIK XIII “The Person of the Year” Award, Film «The Suicidalists»
  • BEST SCORE – as a Composer «Let’s smile,Russia!» Festival 2013, Film «The Treasure of Kaban Lake »
  • BEST LEADING ACTOR Film «Let’s smile,Russia!» Festival 2013, Film «The Treasure of Kaban Lake»
  • BEST FOREIN FILM (short) as Director, Screenwriter and Composer, Action On Film Festival 2014, California, Film “Dad”
  • BEST DEBUT as Director, Screenwriter and Composer, “The Golden Feniks” Film Festival 2014, Film “Dad”


* UnReal – series “Lifetime Channel”, Season 3 – Alexi
* UnReal – series “Lifetime Channel”, Season 4 – Alexi
1. The Vatican Tapes – thriller, “Lakeshore Entertainment”, – Dr. Kulik
2. Unstrung -Disney for ABC family, Sergey-second Lead
3. The Body Tree – the lead
4. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Star in the Bar
5. Ekaterina The Great – Duke Poniatovsky, future King of Poland
6. The Alice’s Dreams- rom. comedy – Alex – Lead
7. Phobos – feature, thriller – Genya – Lead
8. Moscow.Ru – feature, romantic – Vitaly – Lead 9. The Crack – feature thriller – Seryj – Lead
10. The Second Ones – war drama -Karamyshev-Lead
11. Hello, Kinder! – feature drama – Max – Lead
12. The Half-Finished Lesson -feature romance- Igor – Lead
13. The Gold of the Scythians – adventure (12 episodes) – Gleb – Lead
14. The Bear’s Corner – TV drama -Sergey – Lead
15. In The Woods and on The Mountains – period drama l (24 episodes) – Alexey – Lead
16. Brother and Sister – TV drama – Vasya – Lead
17.Once Upon a Time in Rostov – period drama (32 episodes)-Bob-Supporting
18. Cool Guys-TV romantic comedy – Antonio – Lead
19. Scary Lieutenants-comedy – Sima Volan –Lead
20. The Girls – romantic comedy,( 5 Seasons)- Zvonarev – Lead
21. The Suicidalists–feature, action
22. Three Days of Lieutenant Kravtsov, feature, war drama – Kravtsov – Lead
23. The Treasure of Kaban Lake – feature, adventure action -Kirill – Lead
24. The Three Musketeers- feature – Lord de Winter
25. Ludmila – period drama -Gridin – Lead
26. The Escapers – action – Michail – Lead
27. Dad -drama, short -as actor, director, screenwriter and composer
28. Florence Fight Club – drama, Italy -Sergio – Lead
29. The Idol’s MIstery – melodrama, Ruslan Volgin – Lead
30. Schubert – action drama, Schubert – Lead

The global rising star that is Alex Sparrow is on a seemingly unstoppable trajectory of success and earth staggering talent.